The Generosity Catalyst Fund

Now you can help to ignite the spark of generosity in others. Your contribution to The Generosity Catalyst Fund from National Christian Foundation Indiana can spur on the generosity movement that is sweeping our state. 

The Generosity Catalyst Fund will be used to make strategic investments in innovative projects designed to encourage giving of time, talent and treasure within Indiana. When you invest in The Generosity Catalyst Fund, you’ll be leveraging your giving to support the personally transformational projects listed below.

Giving Experiences: Our Generosity Catalyst Fund makes it possible for NCF Indiana to create events that educate, inspire and encourage givers to new heights.
  • Journey of Generosity (JOG) is a gathering of a small group of peers for a 24 hour experience in a retreat setting to hear stories of generous givers, study scripture, reflect and discuss what it means to be entrusted with much and explore how they can experience the fullness of God's joy, which is revealed by living generous lives. This experience is designed to focus on the heart, not money. No one is ever asked for money and there is no suggestion of where or how much to give.
  • Inspiring Generous Joy is a one-day experience designed to help women discover their purpose, ignite their passion and create a plan for living and giving in God's image. It enables them to determine where they are spiritually on their giving journey, embrace a personal purpose statement and use it to direct generosity—learning to give with intention and on purpose.
  • NCF Outdoors uses God’s creation of the great outdoors as a venue to bring business leaders and professional athletes together for a truly unique bonding experience. While participants enjoy first-rate trips to hunt, fish or golf during the day, a JOG-like format is facilitated in the evenings to help them explore how they can become more Christ-like through generous giving.
  • Giver Desserts feature best-selling authors and nationally recognized speakers, who inspire givers to step out of their comfort zones to live far more generously.
  • Generous Business Forums are partial day gatherings for business owners and their professional advisors to learn from a keynote speaker, a CEO panel and legal experts about various ways they can develop a culture of generosity in the workplace and personally give more.

To leverage your giving by sparking generosity in other Hoosiers, take one of these simple steps:

  1. If you have an NCF Indiana Giving Fund, log in and make a transfer from your Giving Fund to The NCF Indiana Generosity Catalyst Fund (#1079911).
  2. If you haven’t yet opened an NCF Indiana Giving Fund, simply click on the button below to Donate Now.

If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at 317.570.5850.

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