Live Generously! Podcasts

Podcast Episode 1: Generosity Starts With God

In this inaugural podcast, host Holly Mumford talks with Dr. Amy Sherman of the Sagamore Institute’s Center on Faith in Communities about “Trinitarian generosity.” Generosity doesn’t start with money or with us giving our time and talents. Biblical generosity starts with God! It imitates God’s own nature and actions. And this theologically centered understanding of generosity has critical, practical implications for our own giving and serving. Click HERE to download.


Podcast Episode 2:  Relational Generosity

In our second podcast, host Holly Mumford and Dr. Amy Sherman of the Sagamore Institute’s Center on Faith in Communities discuss the intentional, messy-entanglement of relational generosity, beyond random acts of kindness.

"God doesn't do random acts of kindness. God is this God of really intentional and persistent love."

This episode also includes an interview with a volunteer from Indianapolis-based womens' ministry, Heart Change. Heart Change comes alongside women in crisis pregnancies to encourage them in their spiritual walk and impending motherhood. Click HERE to download.


Podcast Epidsode 3:  Creative Financial Generosity

In Live Generously! Podcast #3, host Holly Mumford and Dr. Amy Sherman of the Sagamore Institute’s Center on Faith in Communities talk creative financial generosity with Aaron Klopfenstein, Certified Financial Planner and Managing Director for Ronald Blue & Co.'s Indianapolis office.

For more than 17 years Aaron has worked extensively in all areas of personal financial planning, specializing in investment management, estate planning, charitable giving, and multi-generational family issues. In addition to his leadership role, Aaron serves multiple families, helping them develop strategic financial plans to achieve their goals.

Listen in as Holly, Amy, and Aaron discuss how we can approach our financial generosity from a new perspective and create a 360-degree view of our monetary power.

"Some Christians just haven't been given a lot of teaching and training in this area. They may have heard about tithing, but that might be about it. And I think that's a big problem considering how often Jesus and the Scriptures speak on money matters. We need to be more rigorous and offer more creative thinking, come up with new practices in order to grow into the kinds of radically generous people that God desires us to be." Click HERE to download.


Podcast Episode 4:  Vocational Stewardship (Part 1)

Whole life generosity includes the thoughtful and strategic deployment of our vocational power—our skills, experiences, networks, professional knowledge/training, position, and influence/platforms. In this podcast, Dr. Amy Sherman from Sagamore Institute describes “Four Pathways” of vocational stewardship. Then she interviews Debbi Speck, CEO of Elevate USA, a nonprofit partnering with public schools in an innovative mentoring program that is keeping at-risk teens in school. Debbi is a passionate educator who has been living out Pathways 1 and 2 for decades—for the good of her community, the glory of God, and her own deep joy.


  1. Read more about the 4 Pathways of Vocational Stewardship here: Vocational Stewardship
  2. Learn more about Elevate USA’s work here: Elevate USA
  3. Think you don’t really have much vocational power to steward? These two tools can help you take an inventory. You might be surprised to realize you possess more than you thought:
  4. Two vibrant Christian organizations in Indianapolis can help you deploy your particular gifts, professional skills, and knowledge/networks/influence for serving the city. For men, check out Narnia. For ladies, check out Kaleo.

Click HERE to download.


Podcast Episode 5:  Vocational Stewardship (Part 2)

This episode continues our focus on “vocational stewardship:” the thoughtful and strategic deployment of our vocational power to advance foretastes of the Kingdom of God. In this podcast, Dr. Amy Sherman from Sagamore Institute interviews Chef Ryana DeArmond, who directs the Culinary Training Center (CTC) in Battambang, Cambodia. This is a social enterprise launched by the Indy-based Center for Global Impact in 2011. The CTC trains young women rescued from sex trafficking (or highly at-risk of trafficking) with marketable job skills and provides hands-on work experience in its Green Mango restaurant. Ryana is both an entrepreneur and chef and has used her unique gifts and professional experience to make this remarkable
ministry a reality.


  1. Read more about the 4 Pathways of Vocational Stewardship here:
  2. Learn more about the Culinary Training Center here:
  3. Purposeful Design is a new social enterprise in Indianapolis. Businessman David Palmer has linked arms with professionals from the furniture-crafting industry to provide employment to men who have been without a home or who have found it difficult to get a job—helping rebuild lives while teaching the craft of woodworking through positive and encouraging mentorship.
  4. Are YOU an entrepreneur looking to share your insights and experience to help Kingdom-advancing ministries in Indianapolis? If so, please contact Amy Sherman at We have ideas on how you can serve!

Click HERE to download.


Podcast Episode 6:  Generous Leadership

Whole-life generosity includes the creative and sacrificial discipline of stewarding the power and influence we have for the flourishing of those under our authority. In this episode, we explore what generous leadership means through interviews with two marketplace leaders: Dave Smitson, former owner and CEO of Cummins Crosspoint (headquartered in Indianapolis) and Eric Stumberg, CEO and owner of TengoInternet (headquartered in Austin, TX).


Andy Crouch’s new book, Strong and Weak: Embracing a Life of Love, Risk & True Flourishing, is a must read on leadership for Christians. Read Bethany Jenkins’ good review of the book, at The Gospel Coalition website, here.

Barbara Bonner, author of the book Inspiring Generosity, gave a very thoughtful and practical speech at The Mindful Leadership Summit in 2014. You can read it in this article from The Huffington Post, “20 Qualities of a Generous Leader”

Fred Smith, director of The Gathering, offers some good insights about Haggai’s leadership in this blog post:

Click HERE to download.


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