Mission accomplished: NCF's industry-leading grantmaking

by NCF staff  |  August 08, 2017  |  Type: News

A charity’s mission is notoriously hard to measure, but recently published data from Giving USA’s 2017 Annual Report ( illustrates how the National Christian Foundation (NCF) is living up to our mission of mobilizing resources by inspiring biblical generosity.

According to a comparison of leading donor-advised funds in a special section of the report, the National Christian Foundation’s payout rate – the rate at which grant money is distributed to charities – is more than double the industry average.


As the chart illustrates, there are currently four different methods used to calculate overall and fund-specific payout rates. The second column, which is increasingly used as the industry-standard measurement, shows the National Christian Foundation's payout rate of 35%, compared to 11-17% from other nationally based donor-advised fund providers.

But no matter how you look at it, the National Christian Foundation leads the industry in getting money faster to the ministries and nonprofits that need it most. And this high payout rate is an important metric because it means our generous givers are not content to park their resources but ultimately want to see money flow out to charity … sooner rather than later.

Last year alone, the National Christian Foundation granted over $1 billion to more than 25,000 charities dedicated to a wide range of causes including orphan care, clean water, homelessness, efforts to end human trafficking, and many more.

Now that’s what we call mission accomplished.

Photo: Shelley Moreau, a member of our national-office Giver Suport Team, spends her day mobilizing resources by meeting the day-to-day needs of givers.   

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